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Check back regularly for announcements, deadline reminders and updates as we continue to make plans for EAST Conference!  Please note information in orange is relevant to both EAST Program and EAST Core attendees.

3/10/15: Can you believe we are only 1 week away from #EASTcon15?! Today we added some information about EAST Fusion (a fan favorite!) and the (new) STEM Challenge! DJ Mario is back again this year to help us kickoff EAST Conference with a BANG! If dancing isn't your thing, then try your hand at some exciting competitions that will test your analytical and creative thinking skills! Best of all, it's FREE! Check out the EAST Fusion page of the Events Tab for more information. 

3/9/15: Each year, the EAST Initiative selects a handful of music comptetition entries that will be played at Conference during Opening Plenary, Awards Banquet, & Closing Session. Congratulations to all of our Student Composers! Also be sure to check out the tshirt designs that were submitted for consideration in the Best of Conference Awards - Dressed to a Tee!! 

3/8/15: The Exhibit Hall Booth Layout has been updatd and the school booth assignments and judging times are finalized. Both can viewed on the Conference and Program Overview page under the EAST Program tab. Please review your school name and contact us as soon as possible if there is a spelling error.

3/3/15: Music Competition Finalists are announced! Check the Announcement Blog in the Newroom Tab to have a listen and be ready to vote for your winner during Opening Plenary on Tuesday, March 17! Reminder: Tomorrow, March 4, is the deadline to submit student or chaperone name changes to Please note that if you request to drop a student who is registered for breakout sessions, those breakout registrations will also be dropped. If this is the case and you need to keep that breakout session registration, please let us know ASAP!

2/23/15: Congratulations to the five finalists in the Tech Support Olympiad! These students are invited to Conference on Thursday, March 19 to participate in the competition finale. Report to the Grand Lobby at 9:00 AM to cheer on our contestants!

2/18/15: Congratulations to the eight National Service Project Competition finalists! These programs will present to the NSP judges on Wednesday, March 18! Please take time to visit their booths and learn more about their emergency planning and preparedness projects!

2/5/15: Congratulations to the six Overall Founder's Award Finalists!!! These programs will present to the Founder's Judges on Tuesday, March 17 and their booths will be featured on the carpeted area at Conference. Make sure you take some time to visit their booths and see what great things they are up to. We have also announced the EAST programs that have met all of the requirements and are eligible to win a Founder's Award Sub-Category: Student Growth, Community & Collaboration, and Project Sophistication & Innovation.

2/4/15: Congratulations to the 3 finalists in the 2015 ASSET Initiative Social Design Competition!! Visit the World of Tomorrow Workshop  Wednesday, March 18 to see these 2-person teams battle for first place. Also, the EAST Alumni video competition guidelines are now available. This year's video theme is: "EAST Helped Build Me, Help Us Build EAST." The deadline for submissions is NOON CST on Monday, March 2

2/3/15: The Tech Support Olympiad Leaderboard has been updated and Ticket #3 (the last one!) has been sent to all contestants. This is the last ticket before the top five (5) contestants will be announced and invited to participate in the final LIVE round at Conference. Thank you to all of the students who submitted Application Showcase Competitions! The submissions have been sent to the judges and we will announce the winners at Opening Plenary. Unfortunately, the Arduino Saves the World! competition hosted by the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub and the Missing Mascots competition hosted by Southern Arkansas University Tech were cancelled due to low participation.

1/29/15: If you're following EAST Initiative on all of our social media outlets (and we hope you are!) then you have probably seen some of our "Conference Clips" videos! If not, then you definitely need to check them out! All of the published videos have been uploaded to the Conference Website in the Newsroom Tab - Conference Videos. Each video has GREAT information that is relevant to our Conference-goers. Be on the lookout for a few more as we get closer to #EASTcon15! Also, we made a minor change to our Day 3 (Thursday) agenda. Closing Session will now begin at 12:00 PM with seating starting at 11:45 AM. 

12/9/14: Just a reminder that next Wednesday, February 4, is the deadline to register students and chaperones (if applicable)! Remember that the number of students/chaperones is the most important. If you know you are bringing 8 students, then just register any 8 students and you can change the names later. The same goes for a chaperone. If you change the NUMBER of people (students & chaperone) after Feb. 4 it will result in your program NOT receiving credit for that portion of the CPO (Pre-Conference Activities). All rosters will lock down after Feb. 4 so any name or number changes must be made by contacting EAST Events no later than March 4. Changes after this date will have to be made onsite during registration Tuesday, March 17. 

1/27/15: Poster Competition Finalists have been announced!! Check out the Newsroom Tab - Competition Finalists to see the incredible student work, and be sure to vote for your favorite General EAST and Project posters during Opening Plenary! Students, if your poster was selected as a finalist, you should have received an email from us with more information about bringing your poster to Conference. Also, remember that tomorrow (Jan. 28) @ NOON is the deadline to submit ALL Application Showcase Competitions and Friday, Jan. 30 at NOON is the deadline to submit Founder's Award Applications. Good luck!

1/19/15: Which EAST Program has the BEST t-shirt design for Conference?! You get to be the judge by voting in the Best of Conference Awards at Conference. The Dressed to a Tee category is up for grabs again this year and we want to give all of our programs an opportunity to submit their design in advance. Only 1 submission is allowed for each EAST Program. Designs must be a .jpg or .jpeg with a recommended resoultion of 700x400 and the max image file size is 1Mb. If the shirt design is front and back, the images must be combined into a single image. All submissions received by the deadline - Tuesday, March 3 - will be featured on the Conference website for everyone to view prior to voting at Conference. You can find the submission form by visiting the Best of Conference Awards page on the website. This deadline has also been added to the deadline list in the My Planner.

1/8/15: Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe we are 67 short days away from #EASTcon15?! Earlier this week we announced the students who are moving on to Round 2 of the Tech Support Olympiad! The full list of students can be found in the Newsroom Tab - TSO Finalists. These students should have received an email with the instructions for Help Ticket #1 (of 3) and their responses are due by noon Friday, January 16, 2015. The top 5 scoring students (only one student per school) will be eligible to compete in the live round at Conference. 

12/18/14: Congratulations to the students selected for positions on the Ambassador Team, Documentation Team, and Technical Support Team!! We received hundreds of applications for many talented, deserving students and we wish we could have picked them all. To see a full list of students selected, please visit the Leadership Team section of the Newsroom Tab. 

12/9/14: Due to a limited number of applications received, we are re-opening the position of Videographer for the Documentation Team. Students interested in applying must have a completed application and facilitator nomination for submitted by noon CST on Monday, Dec. 15. Please see the Documentation Team - Videographer page for more information and complete guidlines. As a reminder, students selected for the Documentation Team, Tech Support Team, and Ambassador Team are required to attend the Leadership Team Retreat. See the Leadership Teams page for more information.

12/9/14: The Program Summary Content is now available and can be accessed through your My Planner page. Remember that this piece comprises 25% of your overall Conference and Program Overview rating. The deadline to submit your responses is February 12. We strongly recommend that you complete your responses in a Word document before completing the form online to avoid losing your work if re-submission is required. Also, please save a copy in your digital folder!

12/1/14: Leadership Team applications for the Ambassador, Documentation and Tech Support teams are due Friday, Dec. 5 at noon CST! A student application AND a facilitator nomination form are REQUIRED for each applicant. See the Leadership Teams page for guidelines, the application, and a link to the nomination form.

12/1/14: Reminder that Wednesday, Dec. 3 is the deadline for facilitators to register for Conference! When a facilitator registers, he/she is essentially telling us that their EAST program will attend Conference. Getting registered by the deadline is the first step to complete your Pre-Conference Activities, which is 10% of your overall Conference and Program Overview (CPO) assessment.
Please note: Conference deadlines cannot be extended for any reason. Plan to submit all applications, competition entries, and pre-Conference items in advance of the deadline to avoid any unforeseen circumstances (i.e. inclement weather, technology issues, etc.).

11/25/14: A new Application Showcase Competition was added today. Missing Mascots is a graphic design and game development project competition hosted by Southern Arkansas University Tech. The deadline for all Application Showcase Competitions is noon CST January 28, 2015.

11/19/14: The new Program Summary and Rubric are now available and can be found in the Conference & Program Overview section of the EAST Program tab. Soon you will be able to access the form on My Planner. We strongly recommend you complete your summary in a separate document and use the Copy and Paste features to add them to online form. Also, be sure to save them to your Digital Locker on your EAST dashboard prior to the deadline - February 12, 2015.

11/17/14: A list of Tips & Tricks for EAST Programs is added to the Planning Resources section.

11/17/14: EAST Core Collaboration Showcase guidelines are now available in the Booth and Planning Resources section of the EAST Core tab.

11/4/14: This year we are giving schools the option to let us know in advance if they want their tables, table cloth, and/or chairs removed from their booths by completing a simple Booth Request Form. March 2 is the deadline to submit the request form, and any requests after this date must be made onsite. For more information and a link to the form, please see the "Booth Requests" section on the Arrival Procedures page.

11/3/14: Three new Application Showcase Competitions were added today: The "Why of Where" Showcase hosted by CAST, the Arduino Saves the World! competition hosted by the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, and the Website Design Competition hosted by the UALR School of Mass Communication. Both the "Why of Where" showcase and the Website Design competition are open to our EAST Core schools and information can be found in Extra Opportunities section of the Core tab. The deadline for all Application Showcase Competitions is noon CST January 28, 2015! 

10/20/14: The 2015 EAST Conference website is now live!!! Check out the video tutorial in the Conference Videos section of the Newsroom Tab to learn about the updated navigation and other changes to the website. Have fun and happy browsing!

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