Opening Plenary

Opening Plenary is the inaugural session of the 2015 EAST Conference. This is an opportunity to welcome everyone and to discuss event logistics, including the agenda, Conference guidelines, announcements and more. Several students will be recognized for their achievements in various competitions, and the audience will have a hand in selecting a few of the winners. The 2015 Leadership Team Members will be celebrated and acknolwedged for their assistance preparing for and hosting Conference. Last but not least, EAST Initiative President and CEO, Matt Dozier, will present the State of EAST address and welcome the guest EAST Alumni speaker.

Attendance: Registered Conference participants ONLY.

  • Date: Tuesday, March 17
  • Time: 2:00 PM
  • Location: TBD

EAST Alumni Speaker

Julia Sites - Passionate Alumni and Advocate

As one of the first EAST graduates in 1996, Julia Sites has been impacted by the EAST Initiative since its beginning. Most recently, Sites helped EAST make an impact while she served on EAST’s board of directors. She hopes that one day, EAST will be available to all kids of any age.

Sites graduated from Greenbrier High School, where the EAST Initiative was born. The first EAST classroom opened during her senior year and since she had taken an environmental science class, she decided to join. Little did she know, EAST would open doors she never knew existed; everything within the classroom was new. She discovered her facilitator, EAST’s founder Tim Stephenson, was learning right alongside his students and building the foundation for EAST to grow. Sites quickly became the classroom administrator, responsible for keeping the classroom running.

She went on to study Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Ark. Upon graduation in 2000, she took a job as a Client/Server Programmer/ Analyst at Alltel Wireless and stayed there until 2010. Sites has since then taken a position as IT Specialist at Southwest Power Pool in Little Rock, Ark.

“I see EAST as the most effective tool in education for truly preparing students for their futures, giving them opportunities they may not have had to explore their potential.”

Watch Live!

This is a closed event with seating limited to registered Conference participants only. However, this event will be lived streamed through this website.

Check back closer to Conference for more information!

Opening Plenary Live!

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